Commissioned Paintings

We are Johnstone and Glasgow based artists who's works are mainly in oils with portraits and figurative work being our main focus.

Superior quality canvasses by Loxley are used for commissions as they are of solid frame construction embossed with the Loxley Seal and 11oz 100%cotton duck canvas is used which has a good tooth, allowing oil paint to adhere well without sinking or shrinkage.

Once you've decided on the size of your canvas, you might want to post or email to us a few good quality fairly large photographs.  i.e. not blurred and preferably taken in natural light as flash tends to be very unflattering.  There are some instances when we do apply a little discretion to soften and enhance features eg. when a person wants to look younger (and why not).  You can also use our contact form to send your images to us, and of course, if sent by post, your photographs will be returned in good order along with the finished artwork.

As a rough guide on the price of your canvas a charge of £1.50 per sq. inch will give you an idea what the overall fee would be and examples of sizes and price are under Commissions - also a 50% deposit would be required before commencement of a commission.

Have a look at our Gallery where ‘Freedom’ has the client’s face and ‘Birth of Madonna’ was commissioned by a very enthusiastic Madonna fan. ‘Nighthawks Re-visited’ was a special commission for a client who wanted to be ‘in the picture’.

Please find below examples of the Fee Scale for Commissioned Paintings

12" x 12"

144 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £216

16" x 20"

320 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £480

18" x 24"

432 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £648

20" x 30"

600 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £900

30" x 40'

1,200 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £1.800

40" x 50'

2,000 sq.inches  x £1.50 = £3,000


If we find that commissions requiring research and extra preparation time such as:

  • Interview sessions and research for a visual biography
  • Conferencing and background research for corporate commissions
  • Onsite visits

The fee scale in these instances could be increased by 100%.


As a guide, a non-refundable deposit of 50% would be required before commencement of a commission and on average can take between 4 – 6 weeks depending on the current workload.